Dell Optiplex 755 turns itself on for a seconds randomly throughout the day

Sound familiar? Tried updating the BIOS and no joy, turned of power management?
Then try this from the Dell forums: OptiPlex 755 mysteriously turns itself on.
Search for MEBx in the thread, default password for MEBx is “admin”. The new password has to be at least eight characters, have one uppercase letter, one numeric and one special.
And then you need to go into the “ME Power Control”, under the “ME Configuration” menu and ensure that “ON in S0” is set as the default, which means only use ME when the machine is switched on. What you probably have, if you’re reading this, is “ON in S0, S3/AC, S4-5/AC”. It’s the “S4-5/AC” setting that causes the machine to power cycle the fans as “S5” means the machine is switched off.
Have a read of the full MEBx article on Dell’s site – Intel® Management Engine BIOS Extension (MEBx).


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