Windows PC not auto-booting?

Since I installed the “Windows 10 Fall Creators Update”, build 16299, the desktop has stopped auto-starting, to it’s BIOS configured schedule. It’s scheduled for a 5:01am start, but every morning I’ve come into the room, since the update, it’s sitting there switched off.

A couple of Google’s later and here’s the answer, well I hope it is as I haven’t verified it yet, something for tomorrow morning. So the suggestion is to disable Windows “fast startup” mode, details on doing that can be found over at, and a more detailed explaination of why is at

29th October 2017: Seems to have resolved the issue.


Protect our woods

There are worrying signs that the government might be trying to revive plans to sell off England’s woodlands. We need to move fast to stop them and keep our woods safe for future generations.

The government’s forests panel is getting ready to publish its report next week. Insiders say that the government are trying some last minute manoeuvring to convince the panel to back another sell-off. We’ve got a week to convince them not to cave in to political pressure and stand up for our beautiful woodlands instead.

Please add your name to the petition to the Forests Panel: