Cannot synchronise MLAT with Piaware?

Possibly an issue with Pi firmware of 4.9.x, find out your version by using this command

uname -a

If so then issue these commands, the first installs the firmware updater the second the 4.4.50 version of the firmware.

sudo apt-get install rpi-update
sudo rpi-update 52241088c1da59a359110d39c1875cda56496764

If you can’t install the firmware because you have a “custom” kernel then you’ll have to get the latest version of Raspbian and install that, then run the above two commands.


Windows event log swamped with 5152 events?

These events are generated by the Windows firewall when packets are blocked. Possibly as a result of Peerblock doing it’s thing as well, I need to verify that though.

Open an elevated command box and enter the following command:

auditpol /set /subcategory:"Filtering Platform Packet Drop" /success:disable /failure:disable


First full month of PVR usage


So ignore the amount for “Sold”, as that is calculated at 50% of “Generated”, which means it’s higher than reported above – about £22.50.

Need to add in the standing charge of £3.70 to the “Total Purchased”, the app cannot handle that.

Probably should mention I’m on a green tariff which means a higher unit rate when buying electricity – so reduces some of the cash return.

Guesstimate is a cash “profit” of £26.76 for April.

Based on the current figures and system price looking like just over seven years to pay for the installation costs. Which because of some bells and whistles I added are a bit higher than the norm.