Exact filename searching on Windows 10

Trying to find a file by filename and file type and getting matches that include the filename and type as well? Windows 10 search seems to have taken a step backwards by being “helpful” in search file contents and filenames, or types, when you use the search box.

Then you need to use the “name” keyword in the quick search box. The name option has two ways of being used:

name: web.config” This does what you don’t want! i.e. it returns files that contain the words “web” and “config”, but it doesn’t return files that have file contents including those words.

name:= web.config” This command will return only matches for “web.config” nothing else.

Windows 7: Drag and drop not working

Trying to drag a file, or folder, in Windows Explorer and nothing is happening?

The solution I found was to left-click on the item, keep the button depressed, and then press the “Esc”ape key. Low and behold you can now drag and drop the item.

Absolutely no idea what causes this to stop working.

Further information, but no root cause, here.